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Climate of Lourdes

The weather in Lourdes is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and it can be very mild in winter. Temperatures vary between -5 and 20 ° C.


Tourism Office of Lourdes

Office du Tourisme de Lourdes
Place Peyramale - BP 17
Tél : +33 (0)562427740



By car
Lourdes is about 9 hours from Paris via Toulouse and the A64. Lourdes is easily accessed by car, although the narrow streets around the holy sites can become quite congested at weekends and holy days. Roads from the South-West of France and from Spain are also good.


By train
Lourdes train station is just a few hundred metres from the town centre, and offers easy access and clear signs to the Domaine area(look for signs indicating "La Grotte" and "Massabielle"). For information on trains to and from Lourdes, visit the SNCF website.

Several trains travel to Lourdes, including TGV service from Paris (six hours) and many trains to and from Pau, Bayonne/Biarritz, and Toulouse. The small SNCF station offers minimal services, but there are free toilets, a small coffee/pastry counter, vending machines, and an adjacent cafe and quick service restaurant (service can be rather surly, even for France). Accessibility is excellent due to the large number of infirm and disabled pilgrims who visit Lourdes and many trains passing through Lourdes offer special services for the disabled.

Night trains from Tours and Paris are available; however, these can be quite uncomfortable as they feature standard, non-reclining seats rather than berths or beds, and lights remain on throughout the trip. However, travel in first class allows for a T4 compartment (2 bunkbeds). Lourdes is a stop rather than the terminus, so know what time you are supposed to arrive and listen for the announcement for Lourdes (there will probably be many others going to Lourdes, especially the elderly or infirm, so you can watch rather than try to decipher the often-unintelligible PA announcements).


By bus
The majority of bus arrivals into Lourdes are charters, run by specific travel agencies for organised Pilgrim groups.


By plane
The nearest airport is Tarbes-Lourdes, approximately twenty minutes' drive from the town itself. Air France operate a daily scheduled service from Paris, while a large number of charter flights from all over Europe use the airport also. For further information, see the airport's official site.

Other airports that can be used to access Lourdes are Pau, which is approximately 40 minutes' drive away, with potential for train connections, and Toulouse-Blagnac, two hours away by train. From the UK and Ireland, Ryanair fly to Biarritz, around two hours by road from Lourdes, with train access available also.


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