Hotel Aneto - Lourdes

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5 Rue Saint Felix Quartier - 65104 Lourdes
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Presentation Hotel Aneto - Lourdes

For a 3 star hotel in Lourdes, France, the Aneto is a perfect choice for leisure travelers, couples, and families on holiday in France. Aneto is a classically styled European hotel situated in the heart of Lourdes and in the foothills of the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains. Aneto provides the best in comfort and service so each guest will have a pleasing stay. A hallmark of Aneto’s is its private lift that connects guests at the hotel with the famous Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes which is a must-see for any visitor in Lourdes. On the ground floor of Aneto, guests will find a spacious and beautifully decorated lounge connected to the fully stocked bar that is perfect for relaxing and visiting while enjoying a cocktail or coffee. Guests at Aneto can also indulge themselves with a truly memorable dining experience in the lovely and brightly lit hotel restaurant which is air conditioned. Aneto offers the convenience of car rental right in the hotel in addition to complimentary on-site parking and available laundry service.