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3 Rue De Chevreuse - 75006 Paris
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Presentation Apostrophe Hôtel - Paris

Located on the Rive Gauche, Apostrophe Hôtel is proud to be the first Poem Hotel of the French capital. This design Paris hotel was born from the combined dream and inspiration of the owners, on one hand, and three famous French artists on the other; namely designer-photographer Sandrine Alouf, architect Vincent Bastie and painter Catherine Feff. Nestled in a beautiful historic Parisian building, boasting the trompe-l'oeil style painting of imaginary tree branches shades, Apostrophe Hôtel is not the usual luxury art hotel providing rather minimalist room to rest into after roaming the city. Here all 16 guest rooms feature their own personal design, inspired by the imprint left by man through the centuries whether paintings, graffiti, stencils, typographic signs, or musical notes... Much more than a boutique hotel of stunning comfort, Apostrophe Hôtel provides a unique travelling experience, intellectual but also deeply emotional. Such an innovative concept could not have found a better place to express itself than the arty Montparnasse district, home in its golden age to painters Picasso, Dali, Modigliani and Chagall, but also poets like Breton and Apollinaire, writers Ezra Pound and Jean Cocteau, or photographer Man Ray, to name but a few. The ideal situation of the Apostrophe Hôtel in the very heart of Paris will grant you easy access to all main monuments and sights of the French capital. Montparnasse itself is an animated night district, bustling with gourmet restaurants, lively bars, and trendy bookshops. That is, if you ever want to come out of your wonderful room!