Hotel Delle Terme San Faustino - Massa Martana

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Località Massa Martana - 06056 Massa Martana
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Presentation Hotel Delle Terme San Faustino - Massa Martana

Located between Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio, Abruzzo and Marches, in the middle of a peninsula, Umbria offers it’s visitors green country side in an area that has kept its characteristics of long ago intact. The Terme Sanfaustino Hotel, was built with full respect of the environment in a valley at the foot of the Martani Mountains, in a quite and peaceful place rich with culture from the past. The complex of the Sanfaustino hot springs is found in the valley surrounded by the Martani Mountians and by the hills of Todi, separated by the Naia stream. The Sanfaustino spring offers acidulous bicarbonate calcic water, with lithium and fluoride, its action is diuretic and particularly indicated for kidney and digestive tract illnesses, as well metabolism diseases, respiratory disorders, asthenia, and exhaustion. The principal treatment is idropidica, but Sanfaustino water is also used for complementary treatments: thermal baths (psoriasis, eczema, fungus, rheumatism, etc.). During the evaluation phase, a doctor visit for admission to treatments is completed; a diagnostic check-up, that includes an ECG and sonar gram surveys of different areas; control of the postural structure, an exam of the iris and color perception; a Cytotest for food intolerance and a metabolism test. The interventions are based on the universally agreed concept that health depends on the balance of biological components of the organism and illness on their imbalance. Treatments have different phases: an initial detoxifying phase, a second energetic phase and a third phase that deals with habits and behaviors of the patient. Different cycles of treatment are possible: from a three day (from Friday early afternoon to Sunday evening), to six or more days.