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Via Medina 21/22 - 80133 Naples
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Presentation Hotel Palazzo Turchini - Naples

Palazzo Turchini, a bright symbol of the Parthenopean pietas and of the intense musical life of Naples in the 17th and 18th centuries, is located in the heart of the vice regal city, very close to Rua Catalana, where able craftsmen have been working copper and iron for centuries. The building belonged to the Royal Conservatory della Pietà dei Turchini, to which Salvatore Di Giacomo dedicated one of his best pages. In the 17th century, in agreement with the times more open to the social aspects and more sensitive towards the new serious opera (Melodramma), the Conservatory - place of reception for abandoned children - took a new turn and its studies became exquisitely music studies, and it began to be a real source of musicians and singers who made Naples an extraordinary pole of culture. The palace, which over the centuries renewed many times its form, changed its destination after the last restoration interventions, without losing its original sense of hospitality: the elegance and sobriety of rooms harmonize themselves today with an advanced technology; golden marbles mix with valuable wood and refined furnishings, in order to make the stay more harmonious. Palazzo Turchini represents the centre of the intricate city road network. From it one can admire the Gardens of the Royal Palace, or the Fountain of Neptune, as well as the Church dell'Incoronata, that is slightly under the street level after that the King Alfonso I of Aragon enclosed with a moat the castle Cartel Nuovo - better known as Maschio Angioino -, whose embattled outline which dominates the Municipio square and the Port can be seen, too. Crossing streets and squares rich in history one easily reaches the historical and artistic heart of the city, where the Greek, Roman, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque past of Naples is stratified. Also the contiguous church Chiesa dell'Incoronatella, which was annexed to the ancient Conservatory dei figliuoli Turchini too, is one of the significant monument