Hôtellerie des Deux Clefs - Turckheim

Hotels Turckheim - France

3 rue du conseil - 68230 Turckheim
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Presentation Hôtellerie des Deux Clefs - Turckheim

Hostellerie 'Les 2 Clés', named for the first time in 1540, belonged until 1586 to the town of Turckheim and was then sold to Johann Fischer for 1000 florins. Called 'The Black Eagle' until the french revolution, it was renovated in 1620 by Hans Uda. His wife, accused of sorcery, was burned in 1628. Many celebrities stayed at 'Les 2 Cléfs', one can name Hortense de Mancini, a niece of Mazarin, who in 1671 slept in room no. 3. More recently, one can quote Dr. A. Schweitzer, the Maréchal of Lattre de Tassigny, the General Leclerc and General de Gaulle, M. of Rochefoucauld and the family of the Baron de Turckheim. You will see outside a symbolic dragon overhanging the aurièle, guard of the 2 intersected Keys. The Hostellerie 'Les 2 Clés' currently belongs to the Schubnel family, has now belonged to them for four generations. Not all our rooms are accessible by lift.