Hotel Le Mascaret - Blainville-sur-Mer

Hotels Blainville-sur-Mer - France

1-3 Rue De Bas-l Ancienne Ecole Des Fill - 50560 Blainville-sur-Mer
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Presentation Hotel Le Mascaret - Blainville-sur-Mer

This is far, far more than a mere restaurant. It's like entering another world. "Le Mascaret", located near Coutances, serves fine food in a setting enhanced by peintings, music and the latest technology. Nadia and Philippe Hardy do not offer standard fare here - no, it's more like a score for a culinary opera that builds up to the crescendo with the desserts. An authentic performance, gastronomic choreography that blends in seamlessly with this rich, well-preserved region. From time to time, a restaurant whisks us away to an unknown, almost metaphysical land.