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Via Ivrea 20 - 00183 Rome
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Presentation Hotel Room29 - Rome

ROOM29 is a cool and intimate Round Bed & Breakfast. Funny, sexy, kitschy and with a little twist of baroque, ROOM29 is all but ordinary. To couples who can appreciate something different, is dedicated one double-room with a round bed and a private bathroom. ROOM29 is very quiet because it faces the inner courtyard. Two doors separate my home from the space so your privacy is guaranteed. This small, cozy and eccentric Roundbed & Breakfast, comes decorated in every little detail, from the funny toys to the eclectic wallpaper in the bathroom. A cool, comfortable wood plank floor allows you to walk barefoot and feel like at home. After a relaxing bath in the Devon & Devon bathtub, the round bed will give you a warm welcome together with four goose down pillows, where you can lose yourself listening to a selection of ROOM29 music for my guests.