Albergo RetRome Colosseum - Roma

Alberghi Roma - Italia

Via Capo D'africa 19 - 00184 Roma
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Presentazione Albergo RetRome Colosseum - Roma

**AMAZING WINTER DEALS** The RetRome Colosseum with its unique location is a perfect vacation getaway apartment in Rome.This RetRome apartment is sited barely 150 meters from the Colosseum; the monument that inspiresand fascinates people all over the world for thousands of years, and was recently voted as oneof the new seven World Wonders.This style and atmosphere will add to your stay in RetRome Colosseum a uniqueedge of Nostalgia, but at the same time featuring all the services and modern amenities such as A/C DVD PLASMA TV and a computer+wireless internet conectionone would expect from a personalised vacation apartment.However, the Colosseum is only a starter dish to the feast involving all 5 senses a visitorcan expect in the surrounding area of the apartment. Besides this breath taking monument,one can find the Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon and the Vatican,all in walking distance. Above and beyond, being next-door to Rome’s most important museums,both its fantastic shopping area and sparkling nightlife are located in an incredible short distance.The apartment is designed in a retro vintage style, similar to the other locations of ‘RetRome’but with a unique emphasis on a 70’s dark elegance and a mix of Classic design combined witha Pop-Art twist. The retro style in this pleasant apartment highlights the feeling of visiting in different erasand will give your vacation not only the fill of a journey in space experience but also back in time.