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Hotel Masseria Bandino - Otranto  ***

Hotel Masseria Bandino - Otranto

Located just 2 kms from Otranto's hystoric centre and a few minutes from the enchanting beaches of Laghi Alimini and Le Orte, the 3-star hotel Masseria Bandino is the ideal background...

Starting from : €84.00 (per night)

Hotel Miramare - Otranto  ***

Hotel Miramare - Otranto

Directly located on the Otranto splendid beach and a few steps from its fabulous historic centre, the 3-star hotel Miramare is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, enjoying...

Starting from : €80.00 (per night)

Hotel Relais Valle dell'Idro - Otranto  ***

Hotel Relais Valle dell'Idro - Otranto

The Valle dell'Idro is a newly built hotel in Otranto, an Italian beach town close to Lecce, in the Apulia region. In this fantastic location you can find some of the best beaches in...

Starting from : €99.00 (per night)

Hotel Palazzo Papaleo - Otranto  *****

Hotel Palazzo Papaleo - Otranto

The Palazzo Papaleo Hotel enjoys a marvellous position in the historic centre of Otranto, close to the wonderful Cathedral. This splendid 5 stars hotel offers breathtaking views over...

Starting from : €119.00 (per night)

Hotel Pietra Verde - Otranto  ***

Hotel Pietra Verde - Otranto

Soggiorno - Otranto - Hotel Pietra Verde è il soggiorno mediterraneo. Situato in una posizione particolarmente felice, proprio perché centrale, l’albergo è meta di turisti che lo...

Starting from : €70.00 (per night)

Hotel Koinè - Otranto  ***

Hotel Koinè - Otranto

Hotel Koinè might be your next destination for your beach vacation in Italy, thanks to its wonderful seaside location in the heart of the famous Salento area, on the Apulian...

Starting from : €90.00 (per night)

Hotel La Plancia - Otranto  ***

Hotel La Plancia - Otranto

In this little paradise that is the Hotel Otranto "La Plancia", located in a quiet residential area overlooking the Strait of Otranto.It's located just 5 meters from the beach in a...

Starting from : €49.00 (per night)

Hotel Corte di Nettuno - Otranto  ***

Hotel Corte di Nettuno - Otranto

Corte di Nettuno Hotel is situated near the centre of Otranto and close to Minerva's Hill and the harbour. The hotel is accomodated in an old Salentinian court, in a perfect atmosphere...

Starting from : €90.00 (per night)

Hotel Meublé Il Gabbiano - Otranto  **

Hotel Meublé Il Gabbiano - Otranto

The Hotel Meublé Il Gabbiano offers budget accommodation in Otranto, a beautiful town in the Apulia region, close to Lecce and Brindisi. This stunning location features some of the...

Starting from : €50.00 (per night)

Hotel Solara - Otranto  ***

Hotel Solara - Otranto

Situated in Conca Specchiulla, the Solara is a good-value-for-money hotel in Otranto, a splendid beach town in the Apulia region of Italy. This stunning location is surrounded by...

Starting from : €54.00 (per night)

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