Hotel Rocce Rosse - Teulada

Alberghi Teulada - Italia

Loc. Sa Canna - 09019 Teulada
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Presentazione Hotel Rocce Rosse - Teulada

Hotel Rocce Rosse is located in the spectacular Gulf of Teulada: clear water, fantastic beaches, a hinterland that seems designed by a skilled and attentive gardener, a breathtaking view that is lost in the horizon of the sea. It really is the great spectacle of nature 'that is presented to the five senses of the guest'. The 4-star hotel is located in a place that has all the energy needed to develop the best physical and psychological state. You will learn to absorb energy from the environment and direct it towards the goals that are essential to the individual. The beautiful terrace overlooking the boundless infinite horizon, the wellness center designed specifically to find oneself with nature and the beautiful environment that surrounds the hotel, will provide an unforgettable holiday. Each room is dedicated to an artist. Within each room is a work of a painter (false copyright certificate) and several illustrated books that explain the history and meaning. The reason for this choice is simple: Art is the best expression of the vital energy of man. A dutiful homage to the masters who have distinguished themselves in an important field of human ingenuity. Rocce Rosse has 48 rooms including 3 suites, plunge into the sea bluer Gulf of Teulada, shelters for the soul and body, the rooms are bright, cozy and comfortable, complete with all amenities necessary to make your stay pleasant and relaxing. Air conditioning with independent air conditioning, color TV with satellite channels, mini bar and private balconies are standard in each room. All rooms have private bathroom with shower and a set of high-end...